Women don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get pregnant and lose themselves in the process.

Imagine not wasting your precious time and energy researching and trying “all the things” until you find the one that's right for you.

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You have tried ALL THE THINGS and still have not become pregnant….

You may have heard that if you eat a healthy diet, take supplements, and improve your mindset and well-being, then you will finally get closer to that positive pregnancy test.

Here's what you may not know

Even if you completely change your lifestyle, getting pregnant isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

You must take the RIGHT supplements to increase your chances of getting pregnant

After reading all the books, blogs, and articles while spending hundreds on OPKs and online programs, I still got that negative pregnancy test. But taking the right supplements helped a ton during the IVF process.

Knowing what toxins you have to remove out of your environment is paramount

Toxins can be a huge drain on your fertility. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to cut down on your household & cosmetic toxins so your home is a safer, more fertile environment as you’re trying to conceive. 

Reducing your daily stress levels by improving your mindset is of critical importance

Easier said than done— I KNOW—but this is so incredibly important. Even though so much of our fertility issues have to do with improving the way our bodies work, a key part of that is working on our mindsets so we can live positive, thriving lives even in the midst of so much pain.

Understanding what type of workouts to engage in to positively impact your body is key

The standard recommendation for wellness is 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. Emphasis on the word moderate. Remember, you don’t want to overexercise, as this can make you lose weight and shift your hormones too much.

Cleaning up your diet means more than just removing processed foods

Since fertility is an extension of our health, you can’t neglect taking care of yourself at every step. The first key to natural fertility is a healthy diet. And did you know that it's not just about what you're eating? It also matters when you’re eating if you suffer from PCOS. Our diet is an extension of our health!

But most people think that if you follow all the advice, do all the tests and try really hard to keep a positive mindset THEN you will cure your infertility... but that is in fact not true - there isn’t really an obvious cure and women are just left winging it, hoping their doctors give them a successful treatment plan, and researching any and everything. 

I get it. Your biggest frustrations are not being able to get pregnant naturally, your body not responding to stimulation and all the testing. Not to mention the insanely high cost of fertility treatments coupled with the emotional and physical pain, frequent miscarriages, anxiety, and waiting each month to see if the latest treatment had worked. 

The unfortunate truth is that most couples that continue on this never-ending cycle won't get that positive pregnancy test.


Here’s why that can be a massive problem:

You can end up wasting several months or years trying various different treatments, spending a small fortune before you finally learn about and implement all the crucial components of getting pregnant.

Please know, I am not and never would promise or guarantee pregnancy but I know in my heart that if you can take all the information I will teach you, you will be several steps ahead of where you are right now.


It's so important that you understand what I'm saying because your doctor will not talk to you or educate you about the importance of diet, mindset, and emotional support amongst other things. It’s not your fault, my doctor never once mentioned any of these crucial components and I now see that’s exactly why it took me several years and thousands of dollars to finally complete my family.

Here's the 4 Main Reasons Most Couples Fail To Get Pregnant


We’ve all heard this before but stress is not your friend! If one more person tells you to just relax and it will just happen you have the right to slap them...haha just kidding. But really, stress is going to take a toll on you physically & mentally. It also takes a hit on your adrenal system and we don’t want that. Keeping a positive attitude is incredibly important as there is a huge-mind-body connection.

Weight Issues

or not exercising is another component. I know you’ve spent a lot of time being mad at your body and that it’s a daily struggle to believe she isn’t defective. Working out is hard, no doubt about that...but if there are weight issues, we need to address them. Let’s learn to celebrate how strong your body is and can be.

Cycle Confusion 

Many women don’t really understand their own cycles. I thought I did and even used a fertility monitor but it still can be confusing. Timing is everything! Women are taught that ovulation is two weeks before their period, most women think it’s two weeks after, but that’s only if you have a 4-week cycle. Am I confusing you yet? You get the idea.

Sleep Deprivation 

Almost everyone I know goes to bed late and I wonder, how they can function the next day? I know that if I get less than 8 hours of sleep I am not at my best. For those of us who don’t get enough sleep, our immune system is down and we're more likely to get infections which in turn will affect the reproductive system. This not even mentioning that not getting enough sleep leads to anxiety, which can throw off our cycles. 


Most fertility coaches will offer a course and you're once again left to fend for yourself, deciphering all the information and seeing what applies to your situation. I want to create a meaningful experience that gives women actual answers, HOPE and long-life connections with a community that truly supports you. 


It's not just about learning about optimal fertility, the most crucial human need is actually to belong, to be connected with people that understand what you're going through. That is why being a part of this program can be life changing.


The Complete A-Z Blueprint for women who want to be a mother. You’ll go from “trying all the things”, feeling alone and not knowing the answers to finally getting the support & guidance you never received from your doctor but absolutely need and deserve.

I've taken everything I've learned from my own personal experience of struggling for several years to conceive, combined with a fertility coaching certification program to create this experience for you.

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The Fertility Lab isn’t so much a course as it is a new and improved method, lifestyle and mindset that will provide all of the things you need without all the fluff.


It's a hub for all women in the pursuit of motherhood, a platform where we all can learn from each other and all have a voice. It’s all about creating a space to enable women to succeed in their efforts, whatever that may look like.

Yes, you'll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you'll have a step-by-step plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result? My hope is a healthy pregnancy….Buuuut, the changes you will see in yourself and your life will lead you to what is ultimately meant to be, and you will feel at peace with it.


The first of its kind that…


Does not just offer you a step-by-step course and then send you on your way to fend for yourself and hope you get the results you want and need. I understand that the process of becoming pregnant is not a quick fix, it's a process of learning, healing, implementing change, and being so supported that you can’t help but finally feel HOPE. One cannot underestimate the power of community and trust, which is what I want to create for each and every one of you.


Here's what we know for sure:

✔ Well-researched studies show that there is an undeniable connection between fertility and diet

✔ Our mindsets have an impact on our bodies and physical health. Studies have shown that a more positive mindset actually improves our physical health and boosts our immune system.

✔  Women striving to become mothers need a place to come together in a judgement free zone so that they can move closer to their dream of becoming mothers

✔  I believe certain people are placed in our lives to give us courage and strength. I want to be that person for you, and I know you will also become a very important person in my life as well.

Let's do this!

Here’s how it all breaks down ↓



It's essential to be educated on your current state of health. In this section I will go over the must have tests to have your doctor perform so that you can make sure there aren’t any issues keeping you from becoming pregnant.



You will learn effective ways to manage stress & implement a fertile mindset. You will also learn the benefits of meditation and affirmations. Keep an open mind, I promise it's worth it even if it's not your jam!



An all-natural fertility detox is meant to- Eliminate-Renew-Release. This detox is going to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins as well as chemicals in a gentle way. Helping to restore balance to the entire body. If you are undergoing IVF, the detox should be done 2-4 months prior to treatment.



The importance of diet is hugely underestimated. Food is directly linked to our fertility health...read that again! And just as importantly, we also know that physical activity helps boost your fertility. It helps lessen your stress levels and helps you sleep better.



Hormone balance is best understood by knowing how a normal menstrual cycle works. Our menstrual cycles are the product of a hormonal dance between the pituitary gland in our brain and our ovaries. We’ll go over the key hormones you’ll want to get familiar with if you suspect a hormone imbalance might be affecting your potential to get pregnant.



By now you’ve accomplished great strides and you can now assess and decide if you need and want to move onto medical intervention via fertility treatments.



We’ll go over common fertility conditions and what to do if you have any of them. You will also get comfortable with the different fertility treatments and decide what is best for you. Remember knowledge is power, the more you know, the better equipped you will be when you meet with a fertility specialist if you decide to go this route.



There is no right or wrong way to deal with the grief of losing a precious pregnancy. I can help you through this very fragile and difficult time. I have been there too, I get it.. But, if you have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy, I will rejoice with you and celebrate! I will give you the deets on what to do when you finally get that positive pregnancy test. Our time together is not over, your success and efforts will be a strong example of what is possible for everyone else here! 

✔ You are serious about taking your fertility into your own hands to get as close as humanly possible to that positive pregnancy test.

✔ You are committed to taking action on the materials and tools in this program.

✔ You understand the importance of a community of women who have walked the same path to gain lifelong friends and confidants.

✔ You are tired of patching all the conflicting information together to make sense of it all.

✔ You want guidance & support from someone who has been in your shoes and knows how it feels to be struggling for so long with nothing to show for it-until you do!

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✘ You want a magic pill that will get you pregnant tomorrow.

✘ You aren't willing to put in the time and effort to give yourself a fighting chance!

✘ You aren’t willing to invest in yourself and your future.

The Fertility Lab Program & Private Community

  • Exclusive Access to The Fertility Lab Program
  • Purposeful Milestones designed to support and solidify your efforts
  • Easy-to-follow meal plans made specifically for women trying to conceive
  • Foundational Supplements guide
  • Unwavering Support in Our Private Community
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And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way, You'll Also Get Access to:

An amazing community filled with warriors who have experienced all different kinds of fertility challenges so they GET you and fully support your efforts because they are all here for the same reason...to make strong, meaningful connections, to feel supported and valued.

This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately, you’ll learn from what others are doing and have found helpful.

Monthly Mindset Huddle

Where all members come together to make sure your mindset is where it needs to be for this experience to make the most impact as possible. My priority is making sure everyone is feeling supported and valued.

Monthly Q&A & Check-ins 

Members can ask questions and I will answer all of them one by one, no one gets left behind. I also ask members what they would like me to add to the program, things they feel would be beneficial for everyone to grow. 

Weekly Announcements 

We'll share our wins, losses and everything in between. I'm also constantly adding new content and members get first dibs!

Progress Check-in 

I'll consistently remind you to keep checking your progress path so that you continue moving forward. It's so important to keep yourself accountable for your own success and outcomes!


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