Non-toxic Fertility Skincare Products To Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

On my quest to get pregnant, I knew the importance of removing toxins from my skincare and hygiene routine. But until I made the switch to fertility-friendly skincare products, I had no idea how intimidating it can be to switch out all your skincare products for non-toxic alternatives. 


Still, it’s an important process to undergo if you’re ready to boost your chances of getting pregnant.  Experts tell us that environmental issues (like the products you use) can often intensify underlying issues with fertility. That’s why there are certain ingredients and products you’ll want to avoid on your fertility journey. 


Read on for what to look for in your beauty and skincare products, what to avoid, plus my personal recommendations on product lines that may be right for your fertility journey.


What To Look for In Fertility-Friendly Skincare Products

Before you buy anything, you’ll want to take an honest look at every product you and your partner are using. If any of your products contain toxins like PFCs, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, and lead (which is in most lipsticks!), you can already kick them to the curb. These toxins are proven to disrupt your hormones, and they ultimately hurt your fertility. That’s exactly what we don’t want!


Out of all of these toxins, parabens are by far the most common issue facing the skincare industry. They’re in moisturizers, face wash, sunscreen, deodorants, haircare products, and even toothpaste. When you’re buying shampoo or conditioner, be sure to look for any haircare products that say they are paraben-free. Most salon-quality products will proudly declare this on the label, but the key is to not make any assumptions. Carefully read the labels on anything you buy so as to avoid any products that won’t help you along your fertility journey.


This may mean your bathroom will start to look pretty sparse. It may also mean that you’ll have to simplify your skincare routine. So what else do you need to look for in your skincare products?


You’re okay to use products with ingredients like azelaic acid, zinc oxide, niacinamide, and grapeseed oil, all of which are typically found in products shown to reduce acne.


As a general rule, cruelty-free products are a great idea because they don’t typically have toxins that are proven to hurt our health and well-being. Look for the Leaping Bunny Certification on any cruelty-free products so you know you’re truly getting the real thing and not a product with false claims. Going organic can also be a great way to avoid toxins, but this isn’t necessary in all cases.


EWG Verified products are also a beauty industry standard: this organization is dedicated to protecting both the environment and human health. They’ve created a database of verified natural skincare products that meet high-level criteria for avoiding harmful toxins. Just 1,649 products on the market meet their exacting standards.


When it comes to makeup, mineral makeup is also a great idea because these lines typically don’t have fragrances or preservatives that typically irritate skin. You should also look for moisturizers that have hyaluronic acid and shea butter, as they have been shown to be safe ingredients both while conceiving and after you get pregnant. 


What To Avoid As You Overhaul Your Skincare Products

When it comes to fertility-friendly products, you simply have to know what you’re looking for. For example, your sunscreen should be free of oxybenzone, while any deodorant you buy needs to be all-natural and free of aluminum chloride. 


Some other ingredients to avoid are anti-aging retinoids (which have different names like retinoic acid, tretinoin, palmitate, and retinaldehyde), anything with vitamin A, as well as AHAs & BHAs that disrupt your skin’s barrier and let toxic substances enter. As a general rule, it’s also a good idea to avoid spray tans, cellulite creams, and acne products that don’t have transparent ingredient lists.


Another thing to consider is CBD oil. While it’s legal in most places now (and can even be shipped directly to your door), studies are scarce on the subject and it may be best to avoid them until the impact they have on fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum is more apparent. 


My Personal Recommendations for Fertility Skincare Products that May Work for You

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you use toxic-free products! While I was trying to get pregnant, my favorite lines were True Botanicals and Acure, which both have pregnancy-safe skincare products. 


I also switched all my makeup products to 100% Pure, where you can find toxic-free nail polish and a whole host of beauty products. All of these product lines made me feel confident that I knew everything I put into and onto my body would support my goal of getting pregnant. 


(Please note that these aren’t affiliate links— I truly recommend these products and do not make any profit off of any products you buy. These products are just that good. Promise!)


If you’re looking for even more recommendations, this list is a comprehensive roundup of skincare products that work great not only while you’re trying to get pregnant but also after you conceive. Naked Poppy is also a great place to start because they have a custom clean beauty quiz that matches you up with products that fit your skincare needs and your fertility goals. 


It Starts With The Egg, an AMAZING fertility resource that shows you how to boost the quality of your eggs and increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally, also has a fantastic list of fertility-friendly makeup, skincare, shampoo and conditioner, and sunscreens you can add to your routine.


My hope is that this guide will make it just a little easier for you to make the switch to non-toxic fertility skincare products that will boost your chances of getting pregnant. Even if it’s feeling intimidating right now, you can definitely make the switch to the products that will bring ease your fertility journey.

Are you trying to get pregnant this year? Having a fertility coach’s expertise can provide physical, mental, and emotional support as you navigate infertility.

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