My mission has been to help couples of all backgrounds conceive a healthy baby and carry to term. I support clients through natural fertility, infertility, IVF, miscarriage loss, early pregnancy PTSD.


I help women increase their chances of conceiving by supplying the right tools, direction & guidance.


I created a multitude of tools & programs to get you on the right track to optimal fertility. Pick the path that’s right for you  ↴

Get the Ultimate 5 Step Action Plan for Optimal Fertility


In this FREE mini course you will learn the top lifestyle and health changes you can make right now to increase your chances of getting pregnant this year. Boost your fertility with expert, easy to follow advice for you and your partner. I share tips on what to start doing right now and most importantly what actions to avoid that are currently preventing you from conceiving.  


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Here's your roadmap to a successful conception, without the guesswork and overwhelm. My signature program will take you through your fertility journey starting from day one, even if you have been trying to conceive for several years. By committing to the progress path outlined within the program and using proven strategies backed by experienced fertility specialists, you will greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant.


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 Kickstart Your Fertility Diet With My 7 Day Meal Plan For Balanced Hormones


The truth is, our hormones play an important role in our bodies, especially when we’re striving to get pregnant. Get your diet on track with my 7 day meal plan specifically created to help you achieve hormonal balance when trying to conceive. Receive step-by-step guidance with this week-long set of meals, which includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well as a complete grocery list.


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I know your struggle


I've been exactly where you are and I want to save you from getting sucked into the rabbit hole of google searches, forums and blogs. I want to reduce the stress you are feeling in this crucial time by simplifying your already busy life and offering genuine, tried and tested advice you can apply to your fertility journey.  I will help you eliminate the overwhelm you feel sifting through information trying to decide what applies to you and what doesn’t. I can teach you what to eat, how to exercise, when to time intercourse and what supplements to take so you can feel confident that you're doing what's right for you. 


Guidance & Understanding  

Here's what your doctor won't tell you: we do have the power and control over our fertility.  Working with a fertility coach will get you to focus on yourself & your body, empowering you on your journey to conceiving. 

Help Deciphering Information 

When it comes to getting pregnant, you know there is a ton of information out there. I help you decipher all that knowledge and implement only the necessary treatments & practices that will undoubtedly help boost your fertility.

Daily Coping Mechanisms

Ditch the fear approach that the medical industry often promotes, as it will affect your fertility. Uncover daily coping mechanisms specific to your needs, so you can get through this stressful part of the journey with minimal overwhelm. 

"My vision is to create a world where women can get the support they desperately need and deserve to make their dreams of becoming a mother a reality"


Bethany Fortune 

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